Vinyl Replacement Windows for Beauty, Strength and Energy Efficiency

Accu-Weld vinyl replacement windows are made from our own PVC designed formula for maximum life and durability. Each vinyl window features our resilient multi-chambered design with extra-strength walls and sealed air pockets, effectively sealing the inside or your home from outside weather.

Energy Efficiency is achieved through our dual-pane thermal glass construction and state-of-the-art Intercept spacers, keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Select from Accu-Weld’s fine replacement window brands: Epoch, Formula and Platinum. Available window styles include double hung, casement, bay & bow, garden and slider series.

Accu-Weld's solid vinyl windows continue to receive high commercial performance rating, with validations from the National Certified Testing Labs (NCTL) and the National Fenestration

Accu-Weld Benefits

- Vinyl acts as a thermally efficient insulator
- Will not warp or swell like wood
- Will not rust or corrode like metal
- Maintenance-free finish
- Cleans easily with detergent and water
- Never needs painting
- Not affected by salt air or industrial fumes
- Rigid vinyl is a near-perfect insulator

Slider Windows

Accu-Weld's Slider Window offers fingertip control for opening and closing thanks to our patented ball bearing track system. Available in two or three lite configurations, the Slider offers a state-of-the-art drainage system to prevent leaks and a lift out feature for easy cleaning and maintenance.
- Brass Ball-Bearing Operating System
- Solid Vinyl Multi-Chambered Construction
- 7/8” Double Pane, Insulated Glass
- Fully Fusion Welded Sashes & Mainframe
- Intercept™ Warm Edge Spacer System
- Lift Out Sashes for Easy Cleaning
- State-of-the-Art Drainage System


Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and Bow windows are a defining feature in any home, adding elegance, efficiency and optimum natural lighting. Accu-Weld Bay and Bow windows are made from the highest quality materials, and feature 1-1/16” sanded finish PVC or birch plywood sill ready for staining or painting.

- Double Strength 7/8" Insulated Glass
- Fully Fusion Welded Sashes & Mainframe
- Available in 0, 5, 10, 15, 20 30 and 45 degree Angles
- Birch Head and Seat Boards or Accu-Cel® PVC Standard
- Intercept™ Warm Edge Spacer System
- Casement or Double-Hung Sidelites
- TRUTH® Hardware on Casements
- Internal or Snap-In Grids Available (for picture or casement)
- Steel Tie Bar thru Sill and Header (for structural support)
- Nose Cap with Integral Water Dam (prevents air/water infiltration)




Casement Windows

Accu-Weld’s Casement Windows are of the simplest design and the highest quality. Their clean lines and concealed hinges provide an unobstructed view and a classic addition to any room in your home. Convenient TRUTH® crank hardware makes operation easy and completely accessible for cleaning.

- Solid Vinyl Multi-Chambered Construction
- Double Strength 7/8” Insulated Glass
- Fully Fusion Welded Sashes & Mainframe
- Intercept® Warm Edge Spacer Technology
- Custom Made for Your Home
- Wider Opening for Easy Cleaning
- Beveled Exterior Profile
- Heavy Duty Weather stripping





DH3010 Series

Accu-Weld’s DH3010 vinyl replacement window features 7/8”, double-paned glass and thick vinyl that resists salt air and industrial fumes, providing excellent insulation qualities for your home. These windows are custom-manufactured to fit any shape or size window and come with a non-prorated lifetime warranty.
- CALDWELL® Constant Force Balance System
- Top Mounted Tilt Latches for Easy Operation
- Intercept® Warm Edge Spacer
- Triple Seal, Insulated Lift Rail Interlock
- Heavy-duty fusion welded sash frames
- Dual position night latches
- Extruded Aluminum Screen Frame
- Dual Security Cam-Locks






Epoch Series 2300

The Epoch Series 2300 has evolved into one of the top vinyl window systems in the industry. The Epoch Series is fully fusion welded and includes such standard features as flush mounted tilt latches, full-seal interlock and equal sight-line visability. The wide variety of sizes, colors and options give you the freedom to enhance your home's appearance with a personal touch.

- Dual Cam-Action Lock System
- Flush Mounted Tilt-Latches
- Intercept® Warm Edge Spacer
- Solid Vinyl Multi-Chambered Construction
- Intercept® Warm Edge Spacer Technology
- CALDWELL® Constant Force Balance System
- Integral Lift Rail
- Energy Efficient Interlock at Meeting Rail
- Fiberglass Mesh Screen





Formula Series 2400

The standard features of the FORMULA Series 2400 Window System are truly a first in the industry. The Series 2400 Window has solid vinyl multi-chambered construction with the innovative Caldwell® Constant Force Balance System and locking top mounted latches to protect your home. They are custom manufactured to ensure a perfect fit and include a beveled exterior profile and tilt-In sashes for easy cleaning.
- Fully Fusion Welded Frame & Sashes
- Dual Position Ventilation Latches
- Cam-Action Lock System
- Locking Top Mounted Latches
- Multi-Chambered Extrusions
- Double Strength 7/8” Insulated Glass
- Intercept® Warm Edge Spacer Technology
- Integral Lift Rail
- Energy Efficient Interlock at Meeting Rail
- Fiberglass Mesh Screen
- Dual pile weatherstripping




Garden Windows

Accu-Weld Garden Bay Windows expand your usable space by physically increasing the size of your room. It allows more natural light to enter, creating a vista of warmth and sunlight to brighten any day. The energy efficient Garden Bay windows make an architectural statement, transforming an ordinary room to one of distinction. The addition of the beveled exterior vent frame and heavy-duty improved hinge system, makes it even easier to maintain this versatile window system

- Solid Vinyl Multi-Chambered Construction
- Fully Fusion Welded for Durability
- Operating Trapezoid Side Lites
- Heavy-Duty Weatherstripping
- Removable Glazing Bead
- Multi-Point Locking Hardware
- Accu-Cel® Jambs, Head & Seat Board
- Solarban 60® Low-E Glass with Argon Gas
- Fully Operational Vents
- Adjustable Decorative Shelf